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un seul corps




un seul corps

jeux de balle


Drawing is central for Anaïs Edely’s creative approach on the body and movement. The expressive power of intuitive drawn lines is essential when dissecting human shapes and forms in movement. Recently, Edely started dissolving these corporeal line-cartographies by tearing up the mimetic depictions of the human body leaving only remnant traces of a life in motion for the viewer to piece back together.

With her bronze sculptures, Edely translates her fleeting and distorted sketches of the moving bodies back into a three-dimensional form. The expressive poses capture a particular moment in time yet referring to a before and after that is embedded in the element of motion.

Through performances, e.g. collaborations with performer Naïma Ferré and musician Gösta Welmer, Edely is building interdisciplinary bridges and so expanding the research on the moving body and its perception further.