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2020 | Petits paysages sous l'oreiller - Pose #34 | Velour, lingerie et cotton | Size (HXW): 40x40x20cm

Little landscape under the pillow #34 is a soft textile sculpture from a series of tiny erotic landscapes. Viewers are invited to interact with the sculpture and probe it’s crevices.

The work references the Japanese Shunga tradition, which is a type of explicit erotic art usually executed in the form of woodblock prints. These prints were compiled into a small book or scroll which was often left under the pillows of newlyweds during the Edo period. The prints served to entertain and educate the reader on various sexual positions. Nowadays, the still image has been subsumed online by animated gifs that play automatically when a mouse cursor glides into the perimeter of a thumbnail image.

SOFT WALLS AND DRY FRUITS, group show, 2020 / n/a gallery, Seoul – Korea

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