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The real-time compositions that take place in the Atelier Lab of les actionnaires, in Art Center Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin, are the result of the group of artists' research on the experience of the space created, or made visible. The three-dimensional compositions take shape in the moment. The space directly influences the creative process, the research space being the presentation space. Through the conversation of volumes Edely specialy studies experimental narrative to explore the natural, political and sociocultural origin of formal attributes that contributes to standardise society.

The artist’s investigation of movement in stillness set off the cooperation with performer Elma Riza, Renaud Héléna and Aurélie Pertusot with whom she monthly develops the ephemeral compositions. Experimenting with collected daily volumes, Edely aims to evoke the viewer’s own creative ability to consciously engage with their surrounding environment.

Anaïs Edely’s artistic approach of dealing with everyday objects led to a series of still life compositions which resulted in the site-specific work Dérive in 2019.