Horizon I 43 fabric

Horizon I 45

Horizon I 43

Horizon II 13

Horizon I 44

Horizon I 34

Horizon I 29

Horizon I 24

Horizon I 26

Horizon I 25

Horizon II 21

Horizon II 1

Horizon II 5

Horizon I 28

Horizon I 31

Horizon I 33

Horizon II 4

Horizon II 7

Horizon II 2

Horizon II 3

Horizon I 32


The gaze oscillates between reality and fantasy in peculiar palpable atmosphere, it explores a border, a contradiction between an abstract representation and the assimilation of a sublimated piece of landscape.

Anaïs Edely’s large colour grade screen prints serve as a starting point for her research on the sublimation of banality, using colour as a formal means. Huge woven wall carpets (Horizon | Fabric) add a vibrant materiality of surface to the almost imperceptibly changing colour grades.