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Signaletique de confinement

2020 | Lockdown Signage | Performative research around the state of lockdown experienced in the spring of 2020, Video (5min)

Signaletique de confinement is a real time composition. It explores the images that were constructed around a lockdown time where the collaborative performative work within the collective Les actionnaires was not possible.

The paintings in four chapters: picnic, boredom, toilet and exercise revisit the collective mental images and fantasies nourished by the measures of social distancing, the scarcity of certain consumer goods and a new relationship to time and the confined body. The associated solo research, realized by the plastic artist Elma Riza is visible under the following link

IMMER WENN ES DUNKEL WIRD, group show, 2021 / Gmünder Kunstverein, Schwäbisch Gmünd – Germany
PARTIES INTIMES, public screening, 2020 / Centre Hospitalier d’Aire sur la Lys – France

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