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2021 | The Stretch | Site-specific performance: Soil (80 kg Muttererde), nacked body, (15min)

On the opening night of the Berlin-Britz Biennial for Contemporary Art, the audience was invited to follow a naked performer through the allotment gardens. After arriving at plot 32, the performer approaches three piles of earth on the ground. She presses her body against them in different positions and then departs. Only the memory of her body remains for the resting days of the Biennale.

The term “étendue” refers simultaneously to a stretch of terrain and to the reclining position of a woman’s body. In this sense, the topography of the absent female body is encoded into each piece of earth to form a series of miniature landscapes.

PLEASURE GARDEN REVAMPED, site-specific group installation with stay hungry project space, 2021  / 3rd Berlin Britzenale, Berlin – Germany

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