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2022 | Trophy | Shooting action and site specific installation: photo wallpaper (3.50 x 1.80 m), 5 drawings (100x edition, A4 format), softair gun, corn grain containers, original erotic and hunting calendar sheets from the last 3 decades (various formats), pheasant feather, shotgun shells, garden chairs, beer benches, party flags

The invitation by Pola van den Hvel, Julia Meyer-Brehm and Raum www. was the occasion to set up a parallel from the bunker to the hunter's hut as a shelter. The audience stand in front of a life-size photograph. It depicts the interior of a French hunting lodge. The photo was taken 2019 in the Auvergne-Rhnes-Alpes region. In this cabin in the north of the Ardèche, the prey was shared among all the hunters after the kill. Nowadays it remains the social meeting spot of an elderly community of hunters. The hunting and erotic calendar sheets hanging inside have been hung up and taken down over the years by different users according to their desires. I discovered this collection of pictures as a child, in the 90s. Five motifs from this collection were taken up in drawings, reproduced and hung on the depicted interior, between the originals. On the evening of the opening, the room became a training shooting ground: the audience could shoot the drawing of its choice with a rifle. Those who scored could take the holed prey home as a trophy. I GOT YOU COVERED, group show curated by Pola van den Hvel and Julia Meyer-Brehm, 2022, Kulterim Gallery, Berlin - Germany

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