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2022 | Trophy | Participatory target practice and site-specific installation: photo wallpaper (3.50 x 1.80 m), 5 drawings (100x edition, A4 format), softair gun, corn grain containers, original erotic and hunting calendar sheets from the last 3 decades (various formats), pheasant feather, shotgun shells, garden chairs, beer benches, party flags

A bunker was styled to resemble the interior of a French hunting lodge in the Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes region. The walls of the lodge are covered with a collection of pages from hunting and erotic calendars. I discovered these images while exploring the forest as a child. For the exhibition, I reproduced five of them as drawings and covered the back wall with a life-size photograph of the lodge’s original interior. I then mounted the drawings on top of the photograph, placing them between the original source motifs so that both were visible.

At the exhibition opening, the space became a training ground for shooting practice where each viewer could use the rifle to shoot the drawing of their choice. Those who were able to hit the images of animals or naked human body parts could take the “prey” home as a trophy.

The photo of the lodge was originally taken in 2019. Hunters used this lodge as a place to distribute the prey amongst themselves after hunt. Nowadays, it remains the meeting point and social space for an elderly community of hunters. The exhibition also serves as similar social space that builds community through the act of shooting as a shared experience. Visitors can linger in the room, watch the others shoot and initiate discussions. The lodge offers a form of shelter, but only for the hunters. This raises the question of who is protected and who is not.

Participants were charged a token fee of €1 for five attempts. The amount generated from shooting my abstract erotic drawings satirizes the lucrative economics of the modern porn industry supported by the hunters’ calendars.

I GOT YOU COVERED, group show curated by Pola van den Hövel and Julia Meyer-Brehm, 2022 / Raum www. and Culterim Gallery, Berlin - Germany

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