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2019 | Spread out | Site specific installation: five drawings on craft paper, 80 x 60 cm, 2019

Five salacious but abstract drawings were hung in the woods to await the hunters who would arrive at the start of the hunting season one day later.

The crude outlines trace the bared crotches of anonymous women featured in erotic posters that I found in a nearby hunting cabin. The abstract depictions juxtapose the crude, public intimacy of banal erotica with heightened state of yearning experienced by the prey-deprived hunters. In anticipation of the hunting season, the pressure of desire builds among the hunting community and culminates in “Hunting fever” or “Jagdfieber” which can completely possess a hunter. In this mental state, my drawings await them.

Happening À CON BÉANT, public hanging, 05-08.09.2019 / Ardèche - France

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